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Most of us believe strongly in marriage.  Most of us wish all marriages could be a success. For different reasons, a lot of marriages are unable to move forward.  If this is you, it is advised that you consult with a Tulsa Divorce Lawyer.

Simply put, divorce is hard. It can create strong emotions such as fear and sometimes anger. Divorce will affect many parts of your life, such as your time with your children, your routine, and your income.  In order to help you face divorce head on, you can call Bulldog Divorce.  Bulldog Divorce is here to help guide you through the chaos so that you can move forward with your life.

child custody

Matt Ingham is a highest rated tulsa divorce lawyer.

If you and your spouse have children, your divorce may become very complex very fast.  Your childrens’ best interest is of the utmost importance.  Bulldog Divorce will fight to protect your rights to your children.

The best approach is often to use mediation to settle the Child Custody issues. A peaceful divorce is always the best solution.  This is most true when you and your spouse have children. However, you should be mindful that attempts to settle sometimes fail. When a party to the divorce is too high in their demands, the mediation is less likely to succeed.  If this occurs, you may need to be the “bulldog” and move your case forward to final trial.


A Final Decree can, and often does provide stability on a temporary basis.  The Decree should stabilize the Child Custody issues. However, a Decree is rarely permanent. If you or the other party have experienced a serious change to your life, then your Decree may now be unworkable.   This can be true when there is a change of residence, change of job, or change of living status. Bulldog Divorce will fight for you and your best interests in the Modification.


Paternity can be a complex subject. This is true whether you and the other parent have a good relationship or not.  In your Paternity case, Mr. Ingham will use the “bulldog approach” to see you through to a good outcome. In the end, both you and the other parent will have resolved the major issues between you.  Those major issues will likely include Child Custody and Child Support.

Update posted October 2020:  During covid the court system is now handling most types of family law cases much differently.  The court system is now handling a high number of family law cases using phone and video.

As you can imagine, this ‘new method’ was hard to adjust to during the first few weeks of its use.  However, as time moved forward this ‘new method’ has proven very effective.

For more about this ‘new method’ and the other changes to the court system during covid, it is advised that you speak with a lawyer who practices law at your local court house.

a highest rated tulsa divorce lawyer

During the past ten years, Mr. Ingham has developed a reputation for being a highest rated Tulsa Divorce Lawyer.  He has fought hard for hundreds of clients in Family Law. His office staff is experienced in the areas of Family Law as well. Family Law includes divorce and most types of cases involving children.  If you need help with your case, you can call Bulldog Divorce at (918) 591-2566.  The office is open to the public Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

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