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 Tulsa Divorce Attorney Matt Ingham has represented several hundred clients in Family Court.  He and his office staff have years of experience.  They focus one hundred percent on Family Law.  Family Law includes child custody and child support.  It also includes divorce and paternity.

Over the years,  Mr. Ingham and his office staff have been able to help hundreds of people with their Family Law cases.  To date, he has represented more than 800 clients in the Court Room.  Further, he has been able to settle a large number of cases outside of Court through the use of mediation.

During the past decade Mr. Ingham and his office staff have developed a reputation for working hard for their clients.   For that reason, they have a 92% client satisfaction rating and a proven track record of success.  As a result, the clients who hire Bulldog Divorce often choose to remain with Bulldog Divorce for all of their legal needs.

Lastly, if Bulldog Divorce is unable to help you, you can request a referral.  Mr. Ingham is very well known throughout Northeast Oklahoma.  He remains well connected in the local lawyer community.  If Bulldog Divorce is unable to help you, Mr. Ingham will be likely able to refer you to another attorney who will be able to help you.

Starting Your Case

Getting started with Bulldog Divorce is easy.  All you have to do is call (918) 591-2566 and you will speak with a member of Mr. Ingham’s office staff.  When you call be prepared to answer a few simple questions about your case.  When answering the simple questions, try to keep your responses short and to the point.

Keep in mind, members of Mr. Ingham’s office staff are not licensed attorneys.  As such, they will not give you legal advice.  Note that you will need to consult with Mr. Ingham or another attorney for legal advice.   If for some reason, Mr. Ingham is unable to help you, then he will likely be able to refer you to another law office who can help you.

Client Reviews

“Bulldog Divorce was considerate of my situation. First of all, they gave me hope for a brighter future.  They also provided me the confidence and strength in the courtroom to help me get through one of the most difficult times of my life.” – Ann Sharp

“I have done business with Bulldog Divorce for several years now. Attorney Matt Ingham and his staff are always professional and very helpful, but most importantly they operate their business with integrity. I will continue to refer my family members and my friends to them in the future.” – Lori Warren

“Mr. Ingham has been my attorney for years on my child custody case. Mr. Ingham is awesome! He is very professional and he handles his business well. I am very pleased with his services.” – Krystal

Tulsa Divorce Attorney Matt Ingham Can Help You

tulsa divorce attorneyIn conclusion, if you need to speak with a Tulsa Divorce Attorney who you can trust, then you can call Bulldog Divorce at (918) 591-2566.  Note that Mr. Ingham does offer free phone consultations.  However, due to his current client roster, Mr. Ingham may be unable to take your case.  If he is unable to help you, he will likely give you a referral to another attorney who can help you.

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