Preparing for divorce without a Wagoner OK Lawyer to advise you can appear to be a VERY DAUNTING task. Keep in mind that divorce appears to be much scarier than it really is.  Just like anything else in life, if you have gone through it before, then the second time  is much easier.  If you have not gone through it before, then it is best for you educate yourself about what to expect.

Regardless of whether you have been through a divorce before,  you now have had the good fortune of discovering this article.  In this article we have included a handful of steps for you to help you get started.  These steps are designed to help you think in terms of ‘preparation’.  By being better prepared, you will increase the odds that your divorce will flow smoother.

Further, keep in mind that this article is not a complete list of each and every step of the divorce process.  It is intended to only be a brief summary of the first few steps.  Further, it is intended to only provide a broad overview in order to help guide you through the preparation process.

Step Number One: Plan Ahead For The Practical Stuff.  Divorce can be a volatile time in your life.  During the early stages of divorce, you will have a lot of questions but not a lot of answers.  Naturally, the lack of answers w will cause you to experience a lot of uncertainty about the immediate future.

To help you combat the anxiety and the uncertainties, it is advised that you plan ahead.  With a little bit of planning, you can be proactive which will help create a stronger level of stability in your post-separation life.

In order to help you plan, it is advise that you sit down by yourself in a quiet room and begin thinking about the practical issues.  For example, you should sit down and ask yourself the following questions: ‘How much is my monthly income?’  ‘How much are my monthly bills?’  and so forth.  Also, you should ask yourself, ‘Once my spouse and I separate, where will I live?’  ‘What will I drive?’  Lastly, it is advised that you ask yourself questions pertaining to the children, for example: ‘Once my spouse and I separate, where will my children attend school?’  ‘Where will my children live primarily?’

Step Number Two: Choose A Good Wagoner OK Lawyer.  Choosing a good lawyer means choosing the ‘right lawyer for you and for your case’.  Choosing the right lawyer does not mean you should choose the most expensive lawyer or the meanest lawyer.  Simply put, you should choose a lawyer who is a right fit for you.  This means that you and your lawyer should be comfortable communicating.  It also means that you are confident your lawyer will do a good job for you.  Lastly, the right lawyer for you means that you hire one who is affordable according to your personal finances.

Step Number Three: Settlement Discussions.  A lot of people who have never experienced divorce before mistakenly believe that a divorce will be finalized within ‘X’ number of days.  Keep in mind, in the context of divorce, there are no guarantees.  If you and your spouse are unable to agree, then your divorce could linger for several months.  On the other hand, if you and your spouse are able to agree, then your divorce can be wrapped up within a matter of weeks.

That being said, during the final months of the marriage, it is advise that you try to be civil towards your spouse.  Even after you all have separated, it is advised that you all try to be civil towards each other.  By doing so, you will greatly increase the odds of being able to reach a settlement.  With civil communication and a little bit of luck, you all will greatly increase the odds of being able to settle outside of court.

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