As a baseball fan and a divorce attorney, watching the McCourts divorce unfold has been like watching the perfect storm. For at least two years now (maybe longer), Mr. and Mrs. McCourt have been battling it out in divorce court over the issue of ownership of property which includes among other things, the Los Angeles Dodgers Franchise.

About one year ago, it appeared that Mr McCourt was going to win ownership of the Dodgers because he had exercised the foresight to have Mrs. McCourt sign a prenup that specifically excluded the Dodgers’ Franchise from the marital asset. At some point in time, Mrs. McCourt decided to challenge the validity of the prenup and won. Now it appears that she will win ownership of the Dodgers Franchise.

The event culminated last summer when Mr. McCourt announced publicy that the divorce proceeding had left him straped for cash and that as a result, the Dodgers Franchise was broke financially and would be unable to make payroll – very embarassing for himself, his employees, and Dodgers’ fans everywhere.

I will be very glad for Dodgers fans when this dark chapter in their team’s history is done and every with and they are able to move forward…hopefully into a bright future.