Oklahoma was one of the first states in the nation to adopt ‘no-fault’ divorce when it allowed couples to be granted a divorce based on the grounds of ‘incompatibility’. Today, most divorces are granted on the grounds of ‘incompatibility’. Oklahoma couples can still plead one of the traditional grounds for ‘fault’ divorce, but for the most part, the traditional grounds for ‘fault’ divorce are irrelevant.

Altogether there are 12 grounds for divorce in Oklahoma:

#1 – Incompatilbility;
#2 – Abandonment for one year;
#3 – Adultery;
#4 – Impotency;
#5 – Wife pregnant by another at time of marriage;
#6 – Extreme cruelty;
#7 – Fraudulent contract;
#8 – Habitual drunkeness;
#9 – Gross neglect of duty;
#10 – Imprisonment for felony;
#11 – Divorce in another state without personal jurisdiction over one spouse;
#12 – Institutionalization for insanity for five years.

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