Matt Ingham Is A Tulsa Child Custody Attorney With Years Of Experience

Maintain A Healthy Perspective

A new client recently asked me a peculiar question.  He asked ‘Mr. Ingham, what is your win – loss record?’  I replied ‘no clue, most who work as a Tulsa Child Custody Attorney do not keep win-loss records of themselves’.  Further I replied ‘I am great at what I do though’.  After this meeting ended with the new client, his question caused me to start thinking about client perspective.

A Healthy Perspective

Because television has skewed our perception of lawyers, a lot of people misperceive what it means to be a divorce lawyer.  As members of the tv viewing public, we tend to think of divorce lawyers as being ‘cut throat’ and ‘shark like’.  This image is inaccurate. In New York City divorce lawyers might use ‘cut throat’ tactics. In Los Angeles they might use ‘shark’ tactics. Here in Tulsa County Oklahoma, if a divorce lawyer is caught using ‘cut throat’ tactics, he is going being laughed right out of the court room.

Above all, a great divorce lawyer knows how to negotiate a favorable settlement outside of the court room.

Avoid Lengthy Litigation

tulsa child custody attorneyThe Tulsa County Court House is a very busy place.  Roughly four hundred and fifty divorces are filed there each month. Similarly twenty or so divorces are filed each month in each one of the surrounding counties (Creek, Rogers, Wagoner, etc.)  As you can see, the local Court Houses have too many cases and too few Judges.  Consequently, you may have to litigate your case for several months in order to have ‘your day in Court’.  Certainly if you hire a divorce lawyer who knows how to negotiate a favorable settlement. you can save months of headache.

Think ‘Win-Win’ With Tulsa Child Custody Attorney Matt Ingham

Further, opposing spouses should think in terms of ‘win-win’.  Opposing spouses who think ‘win-win’ greatly increase their odds of reaching a settlement.  When both spouses have this mindset, they are often able to work reasonably toward a settlement.  In contrast, opposing spouses who ‘go for blood’ are setting themselves up for months and months of prolonged litigation.

For that reason, Bulldog Divorce encourages our clients to be reasonable.  Because we encourage our clients to be reasonable we often can pursue mediation and both spouses can expect a ‘win-win’ outcome.  Because we encourage reasonableness, our clients often do reach full settlements which are favorable to both sides.

Hire A Legal Advocate Who Can Help Settle Your Case

Mr. Ingham is a Tulsa Child Custody Attorney who will help you fight for your rights as a parent.  If you need to speak with him about your case, you are welcome to call Bulldog Divorce at the number below.  If Mr. Ingham is unable to help you, he will likely refer you to a lawyer who can help.  Article

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