Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins of Divorce – What NOT to do….

By Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Matt Ingham, Bulldog Divorce

#7 SPEAK OUT OF TURN DURING COURT. Each Judge has a system of conducting business in their court room.  That system is their way of maintaining orderliness in their court room. Honor the system!  If you do not you may damage your credibility with the Judge.

#6 ASSUME YOUR SPOUSE’S SILENCE MEANS AGREEMENT. A woman left her soon-to-be ex-husband a voicemail, telling him she would not sign the Agreed Decree Of Divorce because its terms were unfair. She requested  extra time from her husband to file a response. Although her husband did not return her call, she was absolutely certain her husband would grant the request for extra time.

Instead of granting her the extra time, the husband proceeded with forging the woman’s signature on the Agreed Decree.  He had hoped it would be finalized and he would be able to enforce its unfair terms against her.

What is the point of this story? Do not assume your spouse’s silence means he/she is in agreement with you.

#5 FAIL TO FULLY COOPERATE WITH YOUR DIVORCE LAWYER. Your divorce case will be fact-intensive and will involve a lot of time. Once you get your case moving, your Tulsa divorce lawyer will be intricately involved.

Fully cooperate with your lawyer, or you may need to find a new one, which would set your case back significantly.

#4 — USE PROFANITY IN THE COURTROOM. Inside of the court room, there is a high level of decorum that the Judge’s bailiff, the Judge’s clerk, and the Judge himself will expect you to honor. Refrain from using profanity in the court room.

#3 HOLD YOUR CHILD FOR RANSOM. You may have heard of a case like this: per the Temporary Agreement, mother has custody of her six-year-old son, and father who lives out of state, gets visits during school breaks and holidays. Everything goes okay until the end of Christmas Break.  During Christmas Break father fails to show up at the agreed-upon meeting point to return son. Father won’t return mother’s frantic phone calls. Father then calls mother the next day, saying son will be living with him for now on.  Further. Father tells her if she wants to see her son again, she will have to agree to new terms.

At the point when father uttered those words, he committed Contempt of Court. Withholding your child from your spouse in exchange for more favorable terms is against the law and will be punished. Do not hold your child for ransom against your spouse!

#2 DO SOMETHING DRASTIC. Here is a checklist of “drastic” mistakes spouses sometimes make:

  • Leave a voicemail, or send an e-mail or note to your child, bad-mouthing the other parent;
  • Bribe your child (candy, an X-box 360, etc.) so that the child will tell the Judge he wants to live with you;
  • Hide, or ask a friend to hide, your marital assets;
  • Hire a friend/co-worker to spy on your spouse;
  • Forge signatures/documentation.

When in doubt about the proper action, always ask your Tulsa divorce lawyer.

#1 LIE TO THE JUDGE WHILE UNDER OATH.  This one is self explanatory.

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