About Bulldog Divorce

“A high percentage of Tulsa Divorce Attorneys have experienced divorce personally. This is true of my life. I grew up in a single-parent home. As a young man, a handful of my close friends and family members also went through divorces. All during my youth, I got to see firsthand how hard divorce can be.

Because of my personal dealings with divorce, I understand the need for an honest, aggressive divorce firm. Our staff is focused on helping you and on helping your family get through the divorce process. We also strive to help you find a new path for your life.

When you hire my staff and I, you will receive quality, client focused representation. Although I cannot guarantee any results, I can guarantee our commitment to quality and excellence.”

– Matt Ingham, Founder of Bulldog Divorce


tulsa divorce attorneysMatthew W. Ingham is an aggressive Family Law Attorney who has years of experience. His approach in the court room IS the “bulldog approach”.

Currently Mr. Ingham is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association. In the early 2000s he graduated with honors from Northeastern State University. In 2008 he earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa. Shortly upon his graduation from the University Of Tulsa, Mr. Ingham was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar.

Also, Mr. Ingham is an active member of Life Church in Tulsa County.

Regarding the staff members, Mr. Ingham’s office staff consists of a handful of professionals. Those professionals include his Office Manager, Paralegal, and Legal Assistant.  The staff members have years of combined experience in the areas of Family Law.

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys Like Matt Ingham Offer Free Phone Consultations

Lastly, Mr. Ingham does offer free consultations. If you need to discuss your case, you can call the Paralegal at (918) 591-2566. When you call, be prepared to answer a few short questions about your case. Also when you call, it is advised that you avoid ‘rambling’ about your case. Doing so will only waste the Paralegal’s time. Doing so will also make it much harder for the Paralegal to serve you. When you call, be sure to state that you want to schedule a consultation. In the event Mr. Ingham is unable to help you, he will likely refer you to an attorney who can help you.  To help you get started, you can click on the Contact Page

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