About Bulldog Divorce

“There are a lot of attorneys who advertise themselves as being Tulsa Divorce Attorneys, but there are only a few who truly focus on family law.  I am one of those few.  That is to say, I have dedicated my career to helping our clients fight for their children.”

Most Tulsa Divorce Attorneys like myself have personally experienced divorce.  For example, as a youth I watched closely as several of my friends and family members went through divorces.  During my youth, I learned first hand how hard divorce can be.

Because of my dealings with divorce, I know there is a strong need for a divorce firm like ours.  Our office is focused on helping you.  We our focused on helping you and your family get through this hard time.

Further, when you hire our office you can be confident knowing you will receive quality, client focused legal services. While I cannot guarantee any outcomes, I can however guarantee our commitment to quality and excellence.”

– Matt Ingham, Founder of Bulldog Divorce


tulsa divorce attorneys Tulsa Divorce Attorneys like Matthew Ingham are aggressive advocates.  Mr. Ingham fights for his clients both inside and outside of the court room.  He fights for their parental rights.  Mr. Ingham focuses solely on family law and has done so for years.  His approach in the court room IS the “bulldog approach”.

Further, Mr. Ingham and his staff have achieved a lot of success for their clients over the years.  At the present time, they have a 92% client satisfaction rating.  As a result, many of their former clients continue to rely on Bulldog Divorce even after their cases are finalized.

Currently Mr. Ingham is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association.  He graduated from Northeastern State University with honors in the early 2000s.  He earned a Law Degree from the University of Tulsa shortly thereafter and he was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar upon completion of his studies at the University of Tulsa.

Mr. Ingham is a member of Life Church in Tulsa County.

Mr. Ingham’s office staff consists of an Office Manager, Paralegal(s), and a Legal Assistant.  His staff has years of combined experience in Family Law.

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys Like Matt Ingham Offer Free Phone Consultations

In conclusion, Mr. Ingham and his team are here to help you.  You can discuss your case by calling (918) 591-2566.  Note, when you call, be sure to answer the questions directly.  A member of the office staff will then explain to you how to move forward.   The staff member will not give you legal advice.  However they will explain to you how the process works.  Further, they will discuss with your your options for moving forward.

Lastly, you can contact the office by either mail, email, or phone using the instructions listed on the Contact Page.

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