Tips For Winning Child Custody

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If you are like most parents, you are very sensitive when it comes to your children. When discussing the issue of custody, you will likely be emotional and at times frightened. You must be strong though. If you will be strong and maintain your composure, you will likely persevere.  You will be able to prove that you are a great parent.  Likewise, you will likely be able to prove you deserve to be awarded custody of your children.  Here are 5 tips for winning child custody:

Tip #1 – Hire one of the divorce lawyers Tulsa knows and trusts.  Hire someone who has a lot of experience handling child custody cases. Your attorney should do everything in his power to protect you and your children’s interest…in other words, make sure you have hired a good attorney who has a reputation for working hard for their clients.

Tip #2 – Assist your attorney. Your attorney will need you to provide a lot of documents, testimonials, and witness lists.  Be sure to communicate well with your attorney.  Be sure to timely assist your attorney with collection of evidence.

Avoid Negative Talk

Tip #3 – Avoid speaking negatively about your spouse. This is especially true when you are talking with your children. If you speak negatively about your spouse in front of the children, you may be in contempt of court. Also, if you speak negatively about your spouse in front of the judge, the judge will likely perceive you as being overly aggressive and embittered. Instead of speaking negatively, just be honest and tell the whole truth…the facts will speak for themselves.

Tip #4 – Never try to manipulate your children to choose you over your spouse. Not only will that choice place an undue pressure on your children, but it is also a dangerous position for you to take. Take note, the judge always has a way of finding out the truth.  If the judge finds out, you will be in a very unfavorable position.

Put Your Children First

Tip #5 – Think about what is best for your children. If you have genuine love and concern for your children, it will be easy for the judge to perceive those qualities in you. This may be hard for you to concentrate on right now because your life is so volatile at the present time.  However, just know that in the end, what really matters is that your children are able to have a better life.

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