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4 Tips For Being Better Prepared

In everything you do in life, preparation is the key to success. Divorce is no exception to this rule.  During your divorce you will find that ‘preparation’ will greatly affect the outcome of your case.  Simply put, if you want to win your divorce, be better prepared than your spouse. If you do not believe us, just ask any one of the many divorce lawyers in Tulsa in town, they will most likely tell you the same thing.  Further, below are 4 tips which will allow you to be better prepared than your spouse.  Mr. Ingham recommends you read each tip thoroughly.  He also recommends you take notes, writing down the details of each tip as you read along:

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead

Long before you file for divorce, you should begin planning for what lies ahead.  You should plan your monthly finances and you should plan your living arrangement.

More specifically, you should plan a monthly budget in order to make sure you can afford to file for divorce.  In order to help you along in the process, Mr. Ingham recommends you ask yourself the following questions:

“Once we separate, how much will my net pay be each month?”

“Once we separate, how much will my household bills cost each month?”

“After separation, will I be able to afford to pay my monthly bills?”

The same is true when planning your living arrangement.  When planning a living arrangement make sure to find a home which will be safe, convenient, and affordable.  In order to you along in the process, Mr. Ingham recommends you ask yourself the following questions:

“Once we separate, where will I live?”

“Is my new home going to be practical for me?”

“Is my new home practical for my children?”

“Will my new home be affordable for me?”

Tip #2 – Interview Several Divorce Lawyers In Tulsa

If your divorce is contested, you should consult with several divorce lawyers in Tulsa in order to make sure you hire a good one.  A good divorce lawyer is someone who is a trained professional.  A good divorce lawyer is someone who has years of experience handling family law cases.  He will know how to handle each legal issue as it arises. With a good divorce lawyer by your side, you are assured that you and your children’s interests are being aggressively advocated.

Tip #3 – Gather Necessary Documents

During the final months of your marriage, you can give yourself a huge advantage by gathering up important legal documents.  These documents are mostly financial in nature, but can also include titles of ownership as well as proof of responsibility for indebtedness.

By gathering the important legal documents and having them on hand, you will be able to easily provide them to your attorney when the time is right.  You will also be able to answer your attorney’s questions directly,  accurately when the time is right.

Lastly, when you are gathering important legal documents, be sure to make copies of them and store them is a safe place.

Tip #4 – Take Control Of Your Finances

Months before the divorce is ever filed, you should close the joint account you share with your spouse and open your own separate account in order to protect your savings. When doing so, you should take great care to make sure your spouse is left with a fair, remainder portion of the savings.

Lastly, no matter which one of the Tulsa Divorce Lawyers you choose to hire, you and your lawyer will be able to discuss the details of your financial accounts more in depth.

One Of The Highest Rated Divorce Lawyers In Tulsa

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