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Matt Ingham is the divorce lawyer Tulsa trusts for serious, aggressive legal services. His office provides first class representation to clients in the areas of divorce, child custody, paternity, and modifications. If you are in the unfortunate situation of needing a divorce, let Matt Ingham represent you.  He will try to negotiate a settlement between you and your spouse. In the event your case must go before a judge, he will defend your rights aggressively.

In the event you choose to hire Mr. Ingham, you will also receive the benefit of working with his staff.  The staff at Bulldog Divorce has years of combined experience handling family law matters.  Like Mr. Ingham, the staff at Bulldog Divorce focused 100% on family law.  Family Law includes divorces and cases involving children.

If you are ready to take the first step, then you are in the right place.  This is true regardless of whether your case is a simple divorce without children.  This is also true regardless of whether your case is a complex divorce with children.  Regardless of the degree of difficulty, Bulldog Divorce is here to help you.

In the event you call and Bulldog Divorce is unable to help you, then in all likelihood Mr. Ingham will be able to refer you to another attorney.  As previously stated, Mr. Ingham has years of experience in the local legal community.  As such, he is very well connected and will likely be able to refer you to an attorney, someone who he knows and trusts…someone who can help you.

Update October 2020: During 2020, Bulldog Divorce is still focused on making the divorce process as easy on you as possible. Some of the office procedures have changed slightly, but the office remains focused on ‘you’ the client.

The Divorce Lawyer Tulsa Trusts

When you are ready to take the first step, go ahead and make the call to our office at (918) 591-2566. When you make the call, you will speak with a member of the Bulldog Divorce staff.  Be prepared to provide a brief statement about your current situation. Once you have provided a brief statement, then you and a member of the staff at Bulldog Divorce will proceed to discuss the options available regarding the scheduling of a consultation with Mr. Ingham, the divorce lawyer Tulsa trusts.

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