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Helping You Protect Your Children

You love your children.  Above all else, you will protect your children.  The good news is, local law makers understand this.  They understand you love your children and and they want to protect your children as well.  As a result, laws have been passed which are designed to help you protect your children from the ugliness of divorce.  Before you consult with a legal counselor, do keep in mind, these laws do create a few extra steps in the child custody process.  The additional steps are helpful regardless of whether you hire a legal advocate or not.

Educational Classes

First of all, you will need to complete the Parenting Plan Conference.  ‘Parenting Plan Conference’ is the term used in Tulsa County District Court.  ‘Family Orientation’ is the term used in Wagoner County District Court.  Regardless of the term used, this step is basically the same no matter which county your family law case is filed in.

During this step the Judge will provide helpful information to you and the opposing parent.    Also, the Judge will explain to both sides the importance of shielding your children from the ugliness of divorce.

Further, during this step the Judge will likely encourage you and the opposing parent to negotiate a settlement.  Likely once finished, you  will have an opportunity to schedule the second class.  The second class is described in detail below.

Secondly, you and the opposing parent will complete a class.  The class is called Helping Children Cope with Divorce.  Helping Children Cope typically occurs on Saturday mornings and it usually lasts three (3) to four (4) hours.  You will likely have to pay $50.00 to enroll.  You can enroll in the class by contacting Family and Children Services.  The Family and Children Services’ website is  Their phone number is (918) 587-9471.

Making The Adjustment

Lastly, local law makers have adopted a law which is designed to help your children adjust.  Admittedly, children need time to make the adjustment from living in a two parent, married home to now living in two, single parent homes.  For that reason, local law makers require you to complete the two steps above and wait three months before finalizing the Divorce Decree.  Keep in mind, the purpose of the three month rule is to help give your children time to make the adjustment.

Speak With A Top Rated Tulsa Divorce Attorney

top rated tulsa divorce attorneyLastly, if you need to file a family law case, it is recommended that you consult with legal counsel.  Mr. Ingham is a top rated Tulsa Divorce Attorney.  He and his divorce team focus entirely on divorce and child custody.  Also, they focus almost entirely on cases filed in Tulsa County and cases filed in the surrounding counties.  Mr. Ingham does offer free phone consultations.

Finally, if you are reading this web page and want to gather more information, you can visit the other web pages on this website.  Also, you can contact Bulldog Divorce in order to schedule a consultation.  Lastly, if Bulldog Divorce is unable to help you, Mr. Ingham will likely be able to refer you to another divorce lawyer who can help.

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