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divorce attorneys in tulsaIt is true there are a lot of attorneys in Tulsa.  It is also true, there are a lot of divorce attorneys in Tulsa.  That being said, there is only one ‘Bulldog Divorce’ and there is only one ‘Matt Ingham’.  Over the years, Mr. Ingham has represented several hundred clients in Family Court.   For those of you who are new to Family Law, Family Court includes divorces and child custody cases.

Bulldog Divorce was founded in 2009 and has served the citizens of Tulsa for years.  The office staff at Bulldog Divorce focuses 100% on Family Law.  They have years of combined legal experience.  They strive to provide first class legal services to clients.

Further, Bulldog Divorce is deeply committed to settling your case outside of court.  Mr. Ingham and his office staff will work hard to negotiate an agreement on your behalf when it appears that reaching settlement is possible.  On the other hand, reaching settlement is sometimes impossible because of the unreasonable demands of your spouse.  When this occurs, Mr. Ingham and his office staff will work hard to aggressively defend your rights in the court room.

Divorce Attorneys In Tulsa

When you are ready to get started, you are welcome to call several other divorce attorneys in Tulsa first.  After you have done so and you are ready to contact Bulldog Divorce, you can call the number below.  When you call Bulldog Divorce, you will speak with a member of the office staff.  When you call, you should be prepared to answer a few questions about your case.


Mailing Address: 4743 South Union Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74107.


Phone: (918) 591-2566

Fax: 918-591-2550


*You can call our Law Office to request the email address.


4743 Southwest Union Avenue, Tulsa Oklahoma 74107

Our office is located next door to West Tulsa Tag Agency on Union Avenue.  This is on the east side of Union Avenue.

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