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How To Keep Your Divorce Simple

Even when you are represented by a divorce attorney in Tulsa, your divorce CAN be a long and drawn out process. When a divorce becomes long and drawn out the spouses can end up wasting a lot of resources on litigation.  These resources can include ‘money spent on court costs’ and ‘time spent preparing for and putting on hearings and trials’.   The good news is for you, all of this can be avoided.  The good news for you is that your divorce can likely be resolved, outside of court.  In order to increase your odds of settling outside of court, you should set yourself up for success.

Set Yourself Up For Success

In order to help you set yourself up for success in divorce, we recommend you do the following:  

For starters, avoid thinking in terms of ‘winning’.  This requires an adjustment in mindset for most every divorcee.  It is very easy for embittered spouses to fall into the trap of trying to ‘win’ their divorce.  When they fall into this trap, both spouses will likely hire expensive attorneys.  They will also likely engage in ‘scorched earth tactics’ when communicating with each other.

You should avoid falling into this trap.  So long as your spouse will be reasonable, then you should also be reasonable.  So long as both spouses are reasonable, then there is no reason to ‘burn the bridge’.

Good Communication

Secondly, you should keep good communication open with your spouse.  This is true all throughout the divorce process.  This is true though, so long as your spouse is willing to do the same. 

When spouses are willing to communication civilly,  the odds of keeping your divorce simple will greatly increase.  When your divorce remains simple, then the odds of reaching full and final settlement greatly increase.

tulsa divorce lawyerThird, you should avoid doing anything stupid.  This one seems like common sense.  However keep in mind that divorce is a highly emotional time.  When emotions run high, common sense naturally will run low.

When we say ‘avoid doing anything stupid’, here are certain examples for you consider:

1 – Do not get a DUI during the middle of your child custody case;

2 – Avoid showing up at the visitation exchange with your new significant other;

3 – Avoid hiring the cheapest divorce attorney in Tulsa you can find;

4 – Do not use your cousin in order to hide financial assets from your spouse.

Again, under normal circumstances these would be common sense.  However during divorce, common sense is often missing for natural reasons.  We advise you avoid falling into these pitfalls.  Falling into such pitfalls can greatly increase the level of drama in your divorce.  

Be Reasonable

Lastly, we recommend you be reasonable. Whenever you and your spouse discuss the divorce, you will at some point begin discussing settlement terms. When these discussions begin, be sure to be reasonable in your demands. So long as you will be reasonable and your spouse will be reasonable then the odds of reaching settlement are greatly increased.

A Top Rated Divorce Attorney In Tulsa

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